WGT624 Configuration Tool

Configuring your WGT624 is always a pain when doing it by hand. You have to handle a lot with the command prompt and telnet and all this stuff.
That is no easy task for a lot of people that’s why often questions occur during the configuration process.
Since I answered many many of that questions, I thought about making a FAQ.
But since I am also a programmer, I decided to write a nice little tool which does all the work for one.
I am a little glutted with work at the moment, so I wanted to wait with releasing it until I get a little more time to build a nice project site for it and so on.
Unfortunately I won’t get that time the next few days. That’s why I put it up to download now and write a guidance later. Maybe on the end of this week?!
For a first impression see this screenshot.
Finally you need the download link.

The program is written in C# and VB.NET. So you gonna need the .NET Framework 2.0
Most people should have installed it already. But for those who don’t - her is the link.

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  1. Josh R

    Thank you for your great tutorial and terrific application! Unfortunately none work with my wgt624 v1 (no version number on the bottom). I was however momentarily able to establish a serial connection via a futuredial cable hack and use your tutorial to change the mode. Since then my cable no longer works and I want to get in via telnet. Do you have any insight as to why v1 does not work with the telnetenable.exe program? perhaps its the usernamepassword? Thanks again for all your information and hard work!

  2. admin

    Thank you for your compliments. Nice to hear you like it. :)
    To your problem: It is pretty strange that you can”t regain access via your cable… I guess you already did a hard reset(?!) With the WGT, when the telnet session times out, you can”t access the router via telnet anymore. Then you have to reboot it (turning it off and on) and enable telnet again. But via cable(!) it normally should work permanently… (at least I thought that o_O)
    You wrote that neither the tutorial nor the application worked for you.
    Do you get any error messages or something? What _can_ you do? Are you able to use telnetenable.exe without errors? Or doesn”t even that work?

    As I wrote my first hint would be to hard reset it (press the reset button near the antenna for ~10 sec.)
    If you did already and it’’s anyway not working I need more $info about error messages and what is working and what not.
    Sorry I can”t tell you more for now.

  3. Josh R

    THANK YOU!!! I reset the device and all is well!! I”m actually just finished using your utility to make the changes to my router. I had tried reseting in the past, but must not have held the reset button down long enough to perform a hard reset.

    Just to clarify, I was able to telnet to the router via a USB Futuredial serial cable physically connected to the serial headers on the circuit board. While using this cable on another router I must have fried the USB to serial chip in the cable as I unknowingly connected it to the jtag header.

    If anyone is interested in using the FutureDial cable, check this site: http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/HowTo/AddASerialPort

    Then go here to find the serial pinouts:

  4. German Z

    I am trying to use my Netgear WGT624 v3 as a repeater and my Buffalo WHR-G54S as the Router, however, even after I loaded the file onto my WGT624 using the Configuration tool, I cant get it to work.

    Here’’s my setting:
    Connected Buffalo Router to Netgear’’s LAN port
    Buffalo IP:
    DHCP enable,
    IP range

    Netgear IP:
    DHCP disable

    Both with same WEP64 and same SSID and same channel.

    If I connect the cable from Buffalo to Netgear, my LAN connection works
    If I dont connect the cable between them, my LAN does not work

    So what is the problem here? Please advice. Thank you

  5. admin

    What ”file” do you mean with “..even after I loaded the file onto my WGT624…” ?
    I did not make a batch file for repeater mode yet… Or what do you mean?
    What were the commands you used?
    For repeater mode it normally would be:

    set wds enable
    set oper repeater

    If you did so already, try to turn off WEP for a test.
    I also need to know if the WGT is shown up on your Buffalo as wirelessly connected. This is an important information to figure out if it’’s a principally problem with the wireless side or the LAN.
    As a last idea it is easily conceivable that it just doesn”t work with your Buffalo for some reason.

  6. cnickersonjr

    WOW thanks for posting this on the web. I got me a WGT624 refurb for $27. Using it as a wireless gateway for all my home theater equipment that needs an internet connection. HD-DVD player, XBOX 360, and PS3. Worked like a charm. The tool rocks. Thank you again.

  7. cnickersonjr

    Woa, everything is fine when I use my HD-DVD player. Not with the 360. I ran the connection test. The IP address was confimed, but the DNS Failed! Any clue?

  8. jjc

    I downloaded and ran your installer and wizard against my WGR614v6 and it logged the following (below). It looks like my router has a later rev of the firmware that has removed the key commands [wla, set]. Does that make sense to you?
    2:02:39 PM Connecting to …
    2:02:39 PM Connected! :o)
    2:02:40 PM ??Login:
    2:02:40 PM Gearguy sent
    2:02:40 PM Gearguy
    2:02:40 PM Geardog sent
    2:02:40 PM Login successful.
    2:02:41 PM [wla sent] *******
    U12H05800> wla
    wla : Command not found.
    2:02:42 PM [set remoteAP 00:1B:2F:6F:EF:CC sent] set remoteAP 00:1B:2F:6F:EF:CC
    set remoteAP 00:1B:2F:6F:EF:CC : Command not found.
    2:02:43 PM [set oper sta sent] set oper sta
    set oper sta : Command not found.
    2:02:44 PM [.. sent] ..
    2:02:46 PM [save sent] save
    Saving changes to NVRAM now. Please wait…
    2:02:49 PM [reboot sent]

    2:02:49 PM Connection is open -> closing…
    2:02:49 PM Connection closed normally.

  9. admin

    Yes. it makes a lot of sense ;)
    Since the tool and also my writeup is obviously for Netgear WGT624 (v1-3).
    You have a WGR614v6…


    Do you see any difference?! ;o)
    But all joking aside…
    The WGR614 has no client/bridge/repeater capabilities (due to the different chipset).
    But it has (as you have already seen) also that telnet login.
    And I think to remember that the ”wlan-directory” there was called ”wlan” and not ”wla” as on the 624.
    But you won”t find however anything like ‘’set oper” or something there. Sorry.

  10. Crystal

    I am trying to connect my existing WGT624 router to a WPN802 access point in the living room. I have set the WGT to AP mode and the WPN to repeater and then client but neither config worked. I have tried it with WDS enabled and disabled. I see the WPN as an attached device on my router however if I plug a machine into the WPN, I am unable to ping my router or get out to the internet. Any suggestions? Thanks for all of your help.

  11. admin

    What mode you should choose depends - as always - on what you want to do.
    If you want to extend your wlan coverage then you have to choose repeater mode.
    That is not a problem with the WGT (if it’’s the AP) but with the WPN. So I am not able to help you in that case since I got no WPN.
    But if you simply want to connect both devices then you can let your WPN be the AP and the WGT has to be set in bridge- or client-mode.
    Which mode exactly depends again on some things ;)

    If you have just the WGT as DSL modem and with not more than one other device connected to the LAN port then is client mode the best choice.
    But if you have multiple devices on the LAN side of your WGT and several other on your WPN you have to use bridge mode.

    Eventually, if you really want to extend you wlan coverage, you could try to set the WGT in repeater mode with the WPN as AP.
    But as repeater the WPN is more appropriate since it supports that mode by default.

    Hope that helps a bit.

  12. Joe

    Great tool. I”m having a hard time enabling WEP on my client. I have two WGT624v3. Below is my config.

    DSL Modem ( > WGT624 AP/Router/DHCP ( > WGT624 Client ( LAN) > XBOX 360, DirecTV

    When I set 1.254 to client and turn off all wireless security on both it works.

    I saw in your tool a way to set WEP keys, but I can”t seem to make it work. Do you have steps on how this should work? I tried the set hex and set key commands.

    Some assumptions:
    WPA will not work?
    Since I want to also have my laptop connect to the wireless, bridge is not a good option.

    Thanks for any help you can provide. If I can”t get this to work, my next step is to try openwrt.

  13. admin

    Just make the WEP settings with the Web GUI. That will work for sure.
    I implemented only a few commands from the shell into the tool. So I possibly missed some to get WEP working. To my own shame I have to confess that I didn”t try out configuring WEP by the tool. sry. ;)

    And yes - unfortunately WPA won”t work.

  14. Nik

    Hey there, I”m in a bit of a panic and I need some help :) I rent an apartment from my cousin next door and I was trying to configure his WGT624v3 to be a wireless bridge so I could connect to it with my Airport Extreme from my apartment. I downloaded your tool and I *think* managed to set it to Client mode. However, then the Internet stopped working completely through the WGT624v3 and I can”t get it back working again. I”ve tried telnet-ing in and setting it back to access point mode, saving it and rebooting it but the Internet still won”t work. I did a hard reset on the unit too and that isn”t working. Please help!!

  15. VM

    Hello - Wanted to see thank you SO much for this program. I”ve been looking to convert this old router into a bridge for so long, I can”t even count - it’’s been sitting in my closet forever. Though I”m very much a beginner at networking, I was able to more/less navigate my way around the tool to get this working.

    GREAT work.

    PS - Also, for future reference, is it possible to enable bridge mode on this w/o program or Telnet (e.g. through only the web interface)?

  16. admin

    Hard resetting the device should do it in any case.
    Sure you did it right? Press the reset button for ~10 seconds till the LEDs turn off.
    If that doesn”t do the trick I”m afraid I”m clueless.

    Thanks a lot. I”m glad you like it! :)
    Taking advantage of these capabilities without telnet won”t be possible unless you would use a patched firmware or something. But this is a pretty hard thing to do.
    As an alternative you could use openwrt since the built-in web UI is anyway rather crappy. But this would need a lot of knowledge about linux and firmware patching and so on.

  17. Jon

    Hi Nik,

    Congratulations on a truly excellent resource. You have saved me so much time digging around.

    I have followed your instructions to set up 2 WGT624 routers, one as the AP, and the other as a repeater (same SSID, channel, WEP etc), set remoteAP, set wds enable, set oper repeater, disabled DHCP. Everything works fine, AP sees repeater, but when I connect a client wirelessly to the repeater I have no internet access (I see 2 networks available with the same SSID, 1 for each WGT), but do when I connect the same client to the AP router instead.

    Do I need to wds enable the AP router as well?

    Any help gratefully accepted, and keep up the great work.


  18. Jon

    Sorry admin, don”t know where I got ”Nik” from … :-0

  19. Tom

    First, what is the difference between client, repeater and bridge?

    I have an actionTEC M1424WR that is my internet router. I want to use my old WGT624v3 to connect my WD Ny Book device to the network, just not near the ActionTEC router. So I want to use the WGT as a ???.

    I thought it would be a client so I discovered your app (and thank you by the way)

    I pluged the wgt into a computer, set the SSID, Channel and WEP to be the same as the ActionTEC. Changed the IP to another value and unchecked the DHCP option. I then verified the settings by logging back in using the new IP.

    Using your tool, I selected option 3 and loaded the Set_client_Mode batch and set the mac of the ActionTEC. It states it was succesful but using this compter, I dont get internet access. Is there something I missed.?

  20. tom

    Thanks for this Tool!

    Work’’s real great.

    There is one question for me.
    On my Router i found this listening:

    operationMode ap — Operating as Access Point
    operationMode sta — Operating as Wireless Client
    operationMode ppt — Operating as Wireless Bridge
    operationMode mpt — Operating as Multi-point Bridge
    operationMode repeater — Operating as Wireless Repeater
    Not enough parameters!

    What mean’’s the Multi-point Bridge?
    I cant see this in your manual or in the thread of the Forum.
    Is my Router (WTG624 v2) using an different Firmware ?


  21. Peter

    I am currently connected (wireless with laptop) to the Internet using the (external) wireless router of the condo complex where I live, but would like to connect my WTG624 v3 to this wireless router. In that case all devices in my house can have access (wireless and via cable) to Internet via my router (wireless connection to external condo router is limited to 1 connection). What exactly do I have to change in settings of my WTG624 v3 and which information do I need to know from external (condo) wireless router (besides its name) to configure the WTG624 v3?

  22. Mooihoek

    I have the same query as Tom 2 posts above, the set remoteWbr does not appear to be a valid option on my Wg624 v2 wireless router.

    I want to set it up as a bridge so I can extend my already existing wireless lan out into the garage.

    Any ideas?

  23. admin

    I have to work on my diploma atm, so I am busy. Please apologize, if I can”t answer question that fast.

    I have to admit that I still haven”t tried out repeater mode by myself.
    This mode is however anyway the most problematic.
    Some people get it to work, some (with the same settings!) just don”t.
    I still couldn”t figure out why it sometimes works and sometimes not.
    So I can”t give you any more helpful answers than some general advices. Sry.

    For your purposes client mode would be fine. You could also use bridge mode, which will also work nice.
    Some words to the differences: client mode means, that your WGT acts a little bit like an external Wifi Card. You can plug one device wired into it and connect it in that way to the network.
    bridge mode means, that your WGT is something like a “extension” of your LAN. The bridge is invincible to the LAN and your plugged-in devices will think, they just are physically connected to your LAN.
    Repeater means, that your WGT is just forwarding any incoming WLAN frames to extend the range of the according AP.

    I tried to explain it as easy as I could. So don”t mind, if it’’s not 100% correctly explained. ;)

    Your router definitely has some other firmware - alone having the v2, instead of the v3 implies that.
    I don”t know what Multipoint bridge means. Maybe some other kind of a repeater mode… who knows. If someone knows it - he should share his knowledge with me ;)

    If you get repeater mode running, you”ll have wireless access to all your devices. If not, you do have the possibility to configure your WGT as a bridge and plug all your devices wired into it.
    If you get it to work with the external router … - I don”t know.
    You”ll have to know at least its SSID (of course^^) and perhaps its MAC.
    And on the LAN side you”ll probably need to set your LAN up to be in the same subnet as your wan(dsl) gateway.

  24. simply_stu

    Thanks for the tool - I have configured my WGT624 as a repeater to enable an XBOX 360 to access XBOX Live via my network, instead of shelling out another 80 euros or so for an XBOX network adapter or running a very long ethernet cable … its connecting, although possibly not up to gaming standards, I need my son to check this out later. Anyone else successfully connected an XBOX 360?

    Thanks again

  25. Dave

    This is pretty cool. I have had my WGT624 kicking around for some time and was about to give it away…. I need a bridge to connect devices in my theater room to my wireless network. I was able to the tool and configure the WGT as documented (both as a client and bridge) but…it never shows up connected to my DLINK AP? Any ideas? I tried powering it off a couple of times with no change in connectivity. Thanks!

  26. Dave

    Ok…upgraded the 624 to the new firmware and now is shows up on the DLINK AP. But…no devices attached can ping the AP or DSL router. Tried both Bridge and Client modes….no luck. Any suggestions are welcome.

    Also….turned off WEP on the AP. 624 has WAN login disabled, DHCP turned off, RIP turned off and all are configured on the same subnet as the AP and DSL router. The PC that is wired to the 624 with static IP and gatway and DNS info hard set just like the other clients attached to the AP and DSL router. Messed with a few other items…but can”t get the LAN working from the 624 side back.


  27. Kai

    Hi, you already told that WPA 1/2 is not working.
    I”m just curious to know why, because the latest firmware version includes all important WPA 1/2 modes, so that it should be possible to use this features for your extended features ;-).

    Btw. you already did a great job!

  28. Roland Schaer


    I just found your instructions and I have been having some trouble. I am trying to set up my WGT624 as a wireless bridge for some AV equipment. I have followed the instructions (I think) but I am confused about the MAC addresses. Both my routers have a WAN and LAN MAC. Which ones should I be using for the config? My WGT624 shows up in my Trendnet device table with a DHCP assigned IP. I can not find that IP anywhere in the config for the WGT624.

    vielen dank,


  29. 1jzgte

    Has anyone ever gotten bridge mode or repeater to work properly? Client works fine but only allows one device at a time. I”ve been trying to get things to work with the bridge mode but failed so far.

    I”ve enabled WDS and set oper to wbr. What do i do at this point?

  30. how i configured my router to work as a bridge « post midnight

    [...] has had better luck with that, and that is what ended up working for me too). - Download the tool here - You will also need to download telnetEnable.exe (which he links to on his site) - Run the tool in [...]

  31. Peter

    I have managed to change my WTG624 v3 to repeater mode (I think) using your instructions, but can”t connect to Internet yet. Are there any other settings at my router (which acts as client now) I need to set? I changed SSID/channel of my router to be same as other wireless router, any other settings regarding IP, LAN, username/password/etc I need to set/change?

  32. Tera Posta

    Dear Beatjunkie,
    Excellent program and help - extremely grateful.
    I have the following set up
    D-Link DI-724GU router connected to Cable modem set up on the second floor.
    routing all Internet traffic.
    I wanted to add WGT624V2 firmware version 4.2.11 (the latest although it is from 2005) as a wireless
    client to extend the signal downstairs and use it with DishNetwork initially.

    All testing was made using a PC that has wireless and LAN connection all devices in the same office.

    Finished the web UI set up exactly as described (I have spent well over 10 hours using several options
    including at least 5 factory default settings!).

    Dlink network
    Dlink DHCP on
    WGT DHCP off
    SSHD same on both
    Channel 6 both
    WEP tried both no security and WEP shared key on both

    telnetEnable 0009xxxxxxxx Gearguy Geardog
    once logged in
    set remoteAP 00:17:xx:xx:xx:xx (dlink wireless/LAN MAC)

    set oper sta

    set oper




    Once rebooted, the wireless LED on WGT doesn”t come on and no connection possible wirelessly.
    It is possible to connect to WGT using LAN port but no access to the Internet.
    On the Dlink, shows no connected wireless devices.

    I repeated the above step also using your WGT 624 configuration Wizard. It completes the setup
    successfully but the same result as the manual approach. I”m not sure what else to try.

    By the way, I”m able to connect wirelessly directly from my PC to Dlink to confirm Dlink
    accepts wireless connections. It is the WGT that doesn”t seem to connect to Dlink or accept connections.

    I have gone through the entire blog and tried all relevant tips.
    Any help would be highly appreciated.


  33. mike

    Dear Beatjunkie, could I use the WRT624 routers to create the following, scenario to allow me to connect to a device (network camera) at a remote building from my home 40 Meters away. Note: I”m going to change the aerials on the Router for 12dbi Panels.

    AP (Bridge Mode) —> AP (BridgeMode) —> AP Normal Router Mode

    I”ve also created a diagram:


  34. mike

    Tera Posta, Did you try setting the Gateway address on the WGT to the IP address of the D-Link DI-724GU . This should give you the internet access.